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Rexpharma is a privately owned independent pharmaceutical company based in Miskolc, Hungary with more than 15 years of know-how and experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our company is one of the fastest growing branded medicine, pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals manufacturers in Hungary. We develop and produce our products with the latest technology and keeping strict to WHO’s updated standards for ‘good production practices’ and ‘good laboratory practices’.


Rexpharma strongly focuses on the development of its international business. Throughout the years, we have developed a wide portfolio of products both in the field of pharmaceuticals and that of consumer health products, for the territory of Hungary and countries in the Balkan region. Some of these well-established brands would be available for further territories under distribution.

Our company has a strong track record in creating value through partnerships with several companies, local and global players. We wish to expand our network of distributors thus, we continuously look for collaboration opportunities with international distributors.

Following the latest technologies


Our values reflect the way we strive to increase the quality of life for patients.


We perform all of our activities, business processes and relations within ethical norms.We are proud to be going on our development with our staff who adopt our understanding of ethics.


We believe that our understanding of quality is reflected not only on what we produce but also on our managers, employees and the culture of the whole company. Furthermore, we aim to make our whole staff adopt quality as their lifestyle.

Respect for People and the Environment

Accepting respecting people and the environment our most vital and fundamental mission; we invest into matching production technologies as we aim to live in an environment in accordance with human dignity.


We also believe that being trustworthy is the most fundamental and crucial requirement. We attach great importance to establishing relations based on trust with our employees, other people and corporations.

Manufacturing of Consumer Health Products

Our manufacturing segment is continously expanding. We produce a wide range of consumer health products with the most novel technologies, in compliance with the highest possible official requirements, paying particular attention to design by quality, implementation, quality assurance and control.

Rexpharma believes that working with an enthusiastic and dynamic team is a key factor to the success.