Research & Development

Research & Development

Rexpharma Group is one of the outstanding companies of Hungarian Pharmaceuticals Industry with its scientific and technological infrastructure, and a high production capacity at international standards in terms of human resources. Having developed all products within its portfolio through its own Research & Development studies, Rexpharma Group continues activities to make new products that will take the company ahead and develop innovative products.

The basis for Rexpharma Group’s Research & Development studies is formed by the value it attaches to development, innovation, quality and humanity.

Rexpharma Group’s Research & Development Department is an open-for-change organization which creates opportunities out of difficulties, and cares innovative thinking.

Rexpharma Group’s Research & Development Center which has an important technological infrastructure and manpower performs the  drug development studies in almost all pharmaceutical forms with different treatment groups and targets the global competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Following the latest technologies in Pharmaceutical Sector, our company uses devices of the latest technology for the Research & Development studies.

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